Can Trumpism Last Without Minority Voters?

… One of Trump’s most frequently expressed goals is reconstructing the GOP as a “worker’s party” that appeals to blue-collar Americans across racial lines. Key Trump supporters recognize that building an enduring coalition will depend on attracting more working-class black, Hispanic, and other minority voters to the agenda of economic nationalism that has riveted their white counterparts. …

The force of demographic change largely explains why. Trump last November carried a crushing two-thirds of white voters without a college education—exactly as much as Ronald Reagan in his 1984 landslide and more than any Republican in between. But while Reagan’s dominance among blue-collar whites won him nearly 59 percent of the popular vote, it brought Trump just 46 percent; Reagan swept 525 Electoral College votes, Trump 306.

That erosion reflects two critical changes, each of which pressures Trump to attract more minorities. CONT.

Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic