Macomb County in the Age of Trump

The path for Democrats to take back Trump voters and win down-ballot runs through the nation’s working class communities, starting in the formerly industrial states and Upper Midwest. That is why Democracy Corps decided to conduct our first focus groups of 2017 in Macomb County, Michigan, joined by the Roosevelt Institute. …

These voters have not regretted their vote for Trump. There was no “buyer’s remorse.” None of the 35 participants in the course of the focus group discussion or in their private post-group postcards to President Trump pulled back from their vote, which is an impressive indication of the strength of Trump’s support. They are clear about why they voted for him and pray he keeps his promises and succeeds.

They accept Trump’s version of the news and facts, and their reactions to videos of his press conferences and interviews reinforced that point. They say they “want to believe” him and describe his demeanor as “very sincere. Like you could feel it from watching him. You know it makes a difference to him.” They feel hopeful watching their new president: “it’s amazing to see him up there and go, wow, that’s my president now, and those things are gonna happen. And he’s gonna make things better.” CONT. – pdf

Stanley Greenberg & Nancy Zdunkewicz, Democracy Corps