Same Change, Different Year

Tell me if you’ve heard this one… America elects a president based more on celebrity than on credentials and more on his promises than on his actions. …

While his voters revel in a new direction for the country, the other half of the country stews in bitter defeat with a dash, maybe, of cautious optimism about what changes may come. But, one thing is clear; the election has set America on a new path.

Now, am I talking about Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016 or Barack Obama’s defeat of John McCain in 2008? Even as the shoe is on the other partisan foot, it is an eerily similar narrative. And, it has to do with one thing … change. Today, Americans overall are as expectant of change as they were in February 2009 – and most are optimistic about what’s next. CONT.

Micah Roberts, Public Opinion Strategies