Trump’s Transactional Voters

President Trump, as we know, is more transactional than ideological. He campaigned as the guy who could make the “best deals” – whether it’s free trade or the cost of concrete for the new border wall – without the pressure having to stay within the bounds of traditional republican orthodoxy. Forget about the “old way” of doing business, Trump was going to come to DC and rewrite the whole playbook. It was this attitude that led plenty of voters – despite their inherent wariness about Trump’s trustworthiness and his lack of experience in government – to support him. But, many of these voters are just as transactional as Trump. In fact, polling and other economic analysis suggests that these voters could easily sour on the president if their economic livelihood doesn’t meaningfully improve or Trump’s promises to “Make America Great Again” don’t live up to their expectations. CONT.

Amy Walter, Cook Political Report