Can What Worked in 2016 Translate to 2018?

There’s been lots of uncertainty and confusion in these first three weeks of the Trump Administration. But one thing is quite clear: Trump is going to run his White House like he ran his campaign. That means a chaotic and conflict driven management style fueled by Trump’s gut instincts and a small group of advisors (many of whom are pitted against one another). It also means a reliance on issues and strategies that rile up his base but do little to broaden his appeal. …

One of the challenges of my job in the wake of the surprising Trump win (a victory that I obviously did not predict), is to not “over-correct” in analyzing subsequent elections. Trump succeeded when we all thought he’d fail. As such, many assume that the laws of political gravity will simply never apply to him. But, let’s take a look at the things that defied conventional wisdom in 2016 and whether they can hold true in 2018: CONT.

Amy Walter, Cook Political Report