Trump spurs fears, hopes among Americans insured by the Affordable Care Act

… Two weeks after the unexpected election of Donald Trump, the incoming administration and the Republicans who control Congress have defined few specifics for how they will carry out their promise to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. Yet the shift in Washington’s political geometry already is stoking anxiety among many of the 11 million people who have gained private insurance under the law, as well as among those who help care for them. …

On few matters is the political divide as pure as it is on health care. Early this fall, nearly 9 in 10 Democrats said in a survey for Harvard University and Politico that they thought the government has a major role in improving the health system, and 80 percent said the ACA is working well. Among Republicans, only about a quarter said the government has a major role, while an equal share said the government has none. Nearly 90 percent said the ACA is working poorly.

These beliefs “correlate perfectly with the [Hillary] Clinton versus Trump vote,” said Robert J. Blendon, a Harvard professor who specializes in public opinion on health issues. CONT.

Amy Goldstein, Washington Post