Republicans Have an Edge in Voter Enthusiasm Heading Into Fall, But Few Cite ACA as Motivating Factor

… This month’s poll takes a special look at registered voters’ views of the ACA and what role, if any, the law might be playing in the upcoming midterm election. Like the public overall, registered voters are more likely to have an unfavorable view of the ACA than a favorable one (49 percent versus 35 percent). Opinion tilts even more negative among likely voters (51 percent versus 35 percent).

However, health care does not appear to be the dominant issue on voters’ minds when thinking about how to vote in November. Asked to name in their own words the two most important issues in deciding their vote for Congress, the most frequently-mentioned issue is the economy and jobs (21 percent). Thirteen percent of voters name health care as a top issue, including just 3 percent who specifically mention the Affordable Care Act. CONT.

Kaiser Family Foundation