Damage Control

Hardly a day or two goes by that a new poll isn’t released showing President Obama with the lowest job-approval rating of his presidency. …

Democrats and Obama-backers protest loudly when any comparisons are drawn between the debacle surrounding the launch and first impressions of the Affordable Care Act and President George W. Bush’s presidential nadir, Hurricane Katrina. Of course, there are big differences between the two presidential stumbles, but similarly, in each case, public confidence in that president was seriously eroded, and questions about the administrations’ core competence and honesty became highly prevalent.

Of course, U.S. presidents often say or do things that the public disagrees with or disapproves of; that’s part of being an elected official. However, when voter confidence erodes, and when voters start questioning the competence and honesty of the president, that ground is very hard to regain. CONT.

Charlie Cook

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