Unmarried Women Overwhelmingly Support Terry McAuliffe in Virginia Governor’s Race

By a landslide 42 points, unmarried women favored Democrat Terry McAuliffe over his Republican challenger in the Virginia governor’s race, exit polling shows. 67 percent of unmarried women (single, divorced, widowed, or separated) voted for McAuliffe as compared to just 25 percent for Cuccinelli. …

Pollster Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps, who is analyzing exit-poll data for the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, said McAuliffe’s victory should serve as a wakeup call to politicians in 2014. “Terry McAuliffe’s exit-polling numbers confirm results we’ve seen in recent elections that unmarried women have become a massive – yet under-appreciated – political force in America,” Greenberg said. CONT.

Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund