No, there isn’t a ‘New American Center’

Esquire, a magazine about fancy clothes and ordering drinks like an asshole, has teamed up with NBC News to poll a bunch of soft-liberal white voters. They discovered that those voters exist, they’re white, and they’re a bit liberal. …

No one was claiming that America was strictly divided between dedicated arch-leftists and reactionary right-wingers. That’s only a thing dumb pundits ever said and not even very many of them said this, because most of them have spent years running around talking about the importance and size of “the center.” And when you look at the actual poll results, it’s clear that this “new American center” is mostly soft-liberal Democrats, some of whom refer to themselves as Independents, lumped together with some conservatives who don’t share many of the same beliefs but who aren’t as conservative as the far right. [cont.]

Alex Pareene, Salon