The Urgent Policy Agenda

Less than a week after Paul Ryan released his latest budget—which would slash funding for Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and child care—Republicans released a new report announcing that they will try harder to connect with young voters, minorities, and women.

We know something about young people, minorities and unmarried women (which we call the Rising American Electorate). And we know that Paul Ryan’s budget has little to do with their priorities. To find out how these voters are thinking about the policy agenda and the future, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, along with Democracy Corps, Women’s Voices. Women Vote Action Fund, and the Voter Participation Center conducted a national survey of 950 voters in the 2012 election, half of whom were reached via cell phones.

The survey results are clear. If the GOP—or anyone—wants to connect with the Rising American Electorate, they need to understand their real priorities, which include social insurance benefits, child care, and investment in jobs and education – in other words, the same programs that would be slashed under the Ryan budget plan. [cont.]

Stan Greenberg (Democracy Corps), Erica Seifert (GQR), Page Gardner (WVWV)