Obama’s Lead Among Younger Millennials Widens to 16 Points

Young voters’ support for President Barack Obama has increased significantly since March, a new survey finds, widening to a 16-point advantage among younger Millennials (age 18-25) over Republican challenger Mitt Romney (55 percent vs. 39 percent).

The Millennial Values and Voter Engagement survey is the second installment of a two-wave study conducted this year by Public Religion Research Institute and Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. …

Despite being a highly diverse generation known for its acceptance of difference, the PRRI/Berkley Center survey finds surprisingly persistent racial divides among younger Millennials. Obama commands an overwhelming lead among black (97 percent) and Hispanic (69 percent) younger Millennial voters, while Romney has an 11-point advantage over Obama among white younger Millennial voters (52 percent vs. 41 percent). [cont.]

Public Religion Research Institute